Pause utility. Free software written in Java.
Latest version: 0.2 (2007-05-03)

Nap pauses for a specified duration, and displays a countdown. Features varying levels of verbosity. Free software written in Java.

System Requirements

A Java Runtime Environment (JRE 5.0+) is required. The latest version of the JRE can be downloaded from


Nap is released with source code under the GNU General Public License (version 2).

Source Code


Usage Syntax

java -jar Nap.jar <switches> [duration]

−[0|1|2|3|4] Verbosity level: −0 is least verbose; −4 is most verbose (default verbosity level is 2)
−s Silent mode; equivalent to −0
−v Verbose mode; equivalent to −4
−u Allow user to abort countdown
−p Pause before exiting
The nap duration, in the form HH:mm:ss.SSS (see note 1).


  1. Nap is very flexible when parsing the specified duration. For example, two minutes can be given as 00:02:00.000 or 2:00 or 2: or even 120.


  1. Nap for 24 hours, at verbosity level 3:
    java -jar Nap.jar −3 24:00:00
  2. Nap for 2.5 seconds, in silent mode:
    java -jar Nap.jar −s 2.5
  3. Nap for 1 minute, at verbosity level 4, and allow user to abort countdown:
    java -jar Nap.jar −4 −u 1:00
  4. Nap for 10 seconds, and pause before exiting:
    java -jar Nap.jar −p 10


Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcomed! Please send any feedback you have about Nap to email address, or visit the Nap homepage at to post a message, bug report, or download the latest version of Nap. Logo